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Welcome to the DT Mint ~

Since 2007 Silver Art Bar Collectors have Honored us by purchasing our 1 Troy Ounce .999 Fine Silver Art Bars which has allowed us to thrive and Evolve within the Hobby of Silver Art Collectibles ~

These pages are to provide you with the " History " of how the DT Mint was created along with the bars we made, when we made them, how many we made, the changes to the mintages and if we are lucky enough to be able to offer any of these items to you as they are one of the more sought after Silver Art Collectibles within the Community today ~

Under the " Products " page you will find a detailed listing of the collectibles we have created to date. Each item has the weight of 1 Troy Ounce ( 31.1 Grams / 480 Grains ) and a Fineness of .999 Fine Pure Solid Silver. Some are even layered in 24kt Gold ~

I did make one " Fractional " 5 Gram Silver Art Bar. It's the DT-8 Surfing Gecko. You can pick up a Bezel from your local jewler and it makes for a great necklace. So if you know of someone that loves to Surf this is the gift for them.

Under the " Shop by Category - Silver Art Bars - DT Mint " page you will find out if the Silver Art Collectibles you are interested in is still available to be purchased or if it's Sold Out ~ If there is a question feel free to email me. This page has only 1 item available during testing.

I am building this site with what little spare time I have. Not all buttons or tabs maybe functional as of yet. If you see an error or have any questions please contact me and check back often ~

We Thank You for your Continued Support. Your purchases help keep this site running. As Always 100% of your purchases is "Reinvested" Back into the DT Mint and within the Silver Art Community ~

NEW for 2018 ~ Exciting Changes coming to the DT Mint Website and Silver Art Offerings both in our Own Desiges and in Conjunction with other Silver Art members in our Community ~

This is a " Hobby " for us. It's not a full time business as I work a real 9 to 5 that's more like a 5am to 6pm ~ I am a current member of the SAC (Silver Art Collectors) - IASAC (International Association of Silver Art Collectors) - ANA, ICG and NGC. To learn how to join any of these great clubs and organizations feel free to ask ~